Fusion Freestyle Partner Dance

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Incorporates different styles of dance
Characterized by improvisation
Greater mutuality in playing with each other
Let the music tell you what to do!

Dance is play!

Forward and Back
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  • Check out the Background chapter to find out the origin of this dance.
  • Check out the Basics chapter to learn about the three movements of forward and back, circular, traveling.
  • Check out the Demonstration chapter to see the movements demonstrated by our dance team.
  • Check out the Behavior chapter to read reflections on dance decorum.
  • Check out the Attire chapter to learn about resources for footwear, attire, and carrying packs.
  • Check out the Movies 1 chapter to watch dance scenes from dance movies.
  • Check out the Movies 2 chapter to watch dance scenes from movies with dance scenes.
  • Check out the Playlist chapter to hear songs recommended for Fusion Freestyle Partner Dance.
  • Check out the Musicians chapter to watch musicians and hear their music.
  • Check out the Songs chapter about dance
  • Check out the Poetry chapter to read prose poetry about dance.

Check out the YouTube Demonstration Playlist (16 videos) of Fusion Freestyle Partner Dance by a dance team in its movements of forward and back, circular, and traveling, as well as mixers and aerials, danced in a spirit of play employing collaboration and improvisation.
Fusion Freestyle Partner Dance - YouTube


Lowell Bolstad